Tick… Tick… Tick… – A Table Top Game


Table Top escape game

6 Time slots available


Event takes place at
BD18 3QX 

Clear selection

A suspicious package has been found! No one knows where it has come from and it seems to be ominously ticking! Local bomb-defusal expert Barry Stanley of ‘Barry Stanley Suspicious Packages and Bomb Defusal Services’ has been called! However recently rumoured to been loosing his touch or maybe just his memory Barry is no where to be found.

It seems his memory problems are so bad he booked a holiday to Marbella and forget to tell anyone! The only hope is that Barry has appeared to have left himself a string of clues in his bomb defusal kit as to how to do his job, the only way he has been able to carry on working with no-one noticing he was loosing his marbles.

Hit kit has been sent on but now our only hope that one of you is up to the challenge to look over his kit and check out this ominously ticking box! In all likelihood it will be nothing to worry about but who knows and it’s been ticking for sometime so you had better crack on and see if you can get to the bottom of it!

Good luck investing the package let’s all hope it doesn’t turn out to be anything as serious as it sounds…

Tick tick tick….